When it comes to logistics planning in 2017, there are eight major trends and topics to look out for. These eight topics are:

Transition Planning and Relocating

  • Transition Planning and Relocating

Logistics planning services will offer more overall services to help when a business moves to a new location. Relocating to a new location is a comprehensive task, so logistics planning professionals offer more integrative ways to manage moves.

Project Management Solutions

  • Project Management Solutions

Project management solutions are becoming more intensive and can be beneficial in all stages of project management, from initiation to closure upon achievement of goals.

Document Management

  • Document Management

Professional planners will be assisting even more with developing project schedule timelines. This involves assistance in document management through the use of existing documents and project data.


  • Consolidation

Professionals are finding more ways to help businesses with cost consolidation of current resources and documents during an upcoming move.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Management

Professionals help in managing inventory in preparation for a move by assessing what gets moved and how to keep the cost as low as possible.

Tenant Fit-Out

  • Tenant Fit-Out

Logistics planners can help prepare clients for tenant fit-out of newly-acquired professional spaces.

Building Renovations

  • Building Renovations

Services are becoming more inclusive of renovations planning and how to efficiently transition between locations.

Overall Transition

  • Overall Transition

Overall, professional logistics planners are finding more ways to provide services that make transitioning between locations as time- and cost-efficient as possible for companies in 2017.