Only With Diversity Can You Truly Tap Every Resource!

We joined the B Corporation Inclusion Challenge!

HH Logistics Planning, LLC has joined the B Corporation Inclusion Challenge, an effort aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion among the global B Corporation movement.

We cannot be more excited to have joined this movement.  In addition, we joined forces with a group of five other sole proprietors from across the country in this endeavor.  Together we are collaborating across other initiatives, to develop a list of metrics from within the inclusion metric challenge to help each other succeed.

Being a part of this challenge falls in direct alignment with the company’s mission:  to deliver our core services using sustainable business practices on each and every relocation project.    We understand that a building under construction or renovation is the entire focus of the project team.  For this reason, while the construction team is focused on getting the building ready for the people, HH Logistics Planning focuses on getting the people ready for the building.  We:

  • Begin every project with purging campaigns – to include a “document retention guidelines” and a “garbage chaos prevention” program.
  • Develop departmental “Earth Day” for all departments involved.
  • Work with the new community to encourage programs to include neighbors and staff in “tree planting” activities on new site.
  • Determine what plastics the property management recycles and post for all employees in the office.
  • Convert all newsletters and communication about the upcoming Relocation to electronic format.
  • Work only with vendors who can specify their “green move” initiatives

The inclusion challenge is another way for us to showcase our values and our goal to enhance our on-going sustainable practices in both the community and with our clients.

Feel free to keep an eye out on our journey with this inclusion.